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Boats and RVs are often coated with a layer of gel coat to protect them from hazardous elements over the years. While gel coat is extremely durable, it is still susceptible to damage, oxidation, and defects that degrade the look of your boat or RV. Compared to traditional paint or clear coat, gel coat requires different technique, tools, and products to properly correct imperfections. But rather than leaving you to figure out the ins and outs of correcting gel coat on your own, RUPES and Autogeek have teamed up to teach an entire class that will teach you everything you need to become a master at correcting the gel coat on any boat or RV!

Through the course of this two-day class, you will learn:

  • The differences between gel coat and paint.
  • How to sand gel coat to remove damage, oxidation, and defects.
  • How to use rotary, gear-driven, and random orbital polishers to restore gloss to your gel coat.

The main topics that will be covered throughout this class are:

  • Understanding gel coat
  • Sanding gel coat (When to use Film vs Foam)
  • Foundational polishing techniques
  • The difference between D-A and rotary polishing pads and compounds
  • Edgework polishing strategies for maximum efficiency
  • Technique adjustments to enhance performance
  • Preparing the surface for protection products


march 20 (Monday) - 21 (Tuesday)



531 South Taylor Ave Longmont CO 80027

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