LHR 15ES (First Generation)

Random Orbital Polisher

Power, balance, maneuverability, and value. The LHR 15ES was the first generation of our 15mm BigFoot random orbital platform and continues to be a popular choice for enthusiasts looking for an economical option or an easy-to-approach solution for a beginner. The 15mm orbit and balanced performance make the LHR 15ES a great tool to work with, but it still has the power to get the job done. The equipped 125mm (5″) backing plate and 150mm (6″) pad system offer the best solution for the widest variety of vehicle shapes and sizes.

ø Backing Padmm-in125 – 5″
ø Orbitmm-in15 – 19/32″
R.P.M.2000 – 5000
Weightkg-lbs2.5 – 5.51
Speed Control
Progressive TriggerNO
Spindle ThreadM8-F
Backing Pad Supplied980.027N
Electrical Cordm – ft9 – 29.6