C.O.R.E. Series Webinar: Foam v. Microfiber v. Wool

Performance comparisons and how to choose the best pad for your specific application. A part of the RUPES C.O.R.E. Series of webinars and educational events this particular session focuses on the topic of pads and how to choose the right pad based on the surface type, the severity and type of defect, the condition of the underlying substrate, and the type of tool to be used.

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C.O.R.E. Series Webinar: BigFoot Unleashed

The BigFoot random orbital polishing systems revolutionized the way technicians approached paint correction just a few years ago. RUPES is back at it again with new polishing systems joining the BigFoot polisher family; the LK900E Mille Gear Driven Orbital Polisher, the LH19E BigFoot Rotary Polisher, and the LTA Triple Action Tools. All the tools come backed with complete systems to optimize performance and user experience, but how do you know which system is right for you or your business? When should you reach for one system over another? Our technical training team answers these questions and more in the first of our C.O.R.E. Series Webinars.

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RUPES Vacuum Systems Review by Pro Tool Reviews

Pro Tool Reviews is a channel dedicated entirely to reviewing professional tools in a variety of industries. In episode 115 of their live broadcast they started off by sharing their impressions of the RUPES S145EPL Vaccum Dust Extraction System with Skorpio III palm sanders. If you’d like to learn more about RUPES dust extraction systems visit the VACCUM SYSTEMS page of our website.

RUPES Skorpio III Review by Shop Tool Reviews

Shop Tool Reviews reviewed and was impressed by the performance, balance and quality of the Skorpio III family of sanders. For more information on the Skorpio III and the various configurations visit the Pneumatic Sanders section of our website.

From Ground Breaking to Grand Opening – Welcome to the New RUPES USA

Join the journey from the first shovel of dirt thru the spectacular grand opening celebration as RUPES USA, the North American division of Italian based RUPES SpA, constructs and opens their state-of-the-art facility in Louisville, Colorado USA

BigFoot Systems

The key to any flawless finish starts with BigFoot polishing systems by RUPES

RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool

The innovative RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad tool features a brush end for cleaning pads and a “claw” end for removing pads that can also be used as a spreader for priming fiber pads.

RUPES at KC’s Paint Shop

The team at KC’s turns out incredible customs and RUPES is honored to be a part of that process.