LTA 75 Triple-Action Mini

Triple-Action Random Orbital Polisher

Part of the all-new Triple Action family of BigFoot tools, the LTA 75 is a compact pneumatic polisher for edgework and compact spaces that uses an innovative epicyclic gear-set to produce torque and consistency of movement never realized in a pneumatic tool previously. Ideal for a variety of industries including industrial, marine, aviation, automotive detailing, and AOEM.

ø Backing Padmm-in75 – 3″
ø Orbitmm-in15 – 19/32″
Working Pressurebar – PSIG6.2 – 90
Air Consumption Maxl/min – CFM380 – 13.4
R.P.M.0 – 6,000
Weightkg-lbs0.90 – 1.15
Speed Regulation
Spindle ThreadM6-F
Backing Pad Supplied990.007