D-A Microfiber Pads
High-Performance Microfiber Pads

Three levels of cutting aligned with the RUPES blue, yellow, and white color-coded system. Each pad features unique foam materials, profiles, and microfiber fabric tuned to deliver a specific range of cut and finish. From extreme cutting, to light cutting and finishing, the D-A Microfiber family delivers.

Squared edged on all three grades and all sizes may appear simple, but this profile was specifically chosen to maximize the cutting performance of the pads on D-A tool movements. Each foam is at a specific thickness to translate the desired level of tool movement to the surface.

Three sizes available to support full size tools like the LHR15, LHR21, LK900E and small tools like the LHR75. Each pad is specifically sized slightly larger than the compatible backing plate to provide edge protection during use.

High-performance fabrics. The face material for each pad was developed to deliver the highest quality results possible for it's given performance range including tweaks to fiber length, density, and denier.

D-A Coarse
Extreme Cut Microfiber Pad

The D-A COARSE EXTREME CUT MICROFIBER PAD for Dual Action Polishers is specially designed to rapidly remove severe defects, sanding marks, scratches on fully cured or harder paint systems, and flat solid surfaces. The density and lateral stability of the foam interface, coupled with the specialized microfiber material, means fast cutting for dual-action random orbital and gear-driven orbital tools.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.MF80H 85mm (3") / 85mm (3")
9.MF130H 130mm (5") / 130mm (5")
9.MF160H 160mm (6") / 160mm (6")
D-A Fine
Fine Polishing Microfiber Pad

The D-A FINE MICROFIBER POLISHING PAD for Dual Action polishers, are specially designed for the removal of moderate to severe defects, swirls, haze and holograms on fully cured paint. Specialized microfiber material bonded to a semi-flexible foam backing allow for better control and contouring over varied panel shapes with an ideal balance of cutting and finishing ability.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.MF80M 85mm (3") / 85mm (3")
9.MF130M 130mm (5") / 130mm (5")
9.MF160M 160mm (6") / 160mm (6")
D-A Ultra-Fine
Ultra-Fine Microfiber Pad

Boost the cutting power for finishing on hard paint with the D-A ULTRA-FINE MICROFIBER POLISHING PAD. The unique microfiber polishing material, combined with an extremely soft foam interface, allows this pad to boost the defect removing power of ultra-fine polishes, like RUPES UNO Pure, while still delivering a consistent and clear finish on medium-to-hard clear coats.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.MF80S 85mm (3") / 85mm (3")
9.MF130S 130mm (5") / 130mm (5")
9.MF160S 160mm (6") / 160mm (6")