TA 50

Random Orbital Sander

The RUPES TA50 Mini Random Orbital Sander makes the spot correction of severe paint defects effortless. The lightweight and ergonomic design is natural to hold and easy to use. The combination of 3mm random orbital movement and 15,000 rpm removes isolated paint defects quickly making TA50 the ideal spot correction sander.

ø Backing Padmm-in50 – 2″
ø Orbitmm-in3 – 1/8″
Working Pressurebar – PSIG6.2 – 90
Air Consumption Maxl/min – CFM330 – 11.65
R.P.M. 0 – 15,000
Weightkg – lbs0.65 – 1.43
Spindle ThreadM6-F
Backing Pad Supplied9P01.046
Air Inlet Thread1/4″ GAS