LHR 21ES (First Generation)

Random Orbital Polisher

The first RUPES tool to burst onto the US market in 2013 and kick off a polishing revolution that continues to this day; The BigFoot LHR 21ES introduced the BigFoot polishing systems concept to North America with the first-of-its-kind 21mm orbit and balanced, ergonomic operation. We continue to manufacture the LHR 21ES as a legacy model offering the same world-class performance that made it famous as an economical option for professionals and enthusiasts looking to experience the benefits of BigFoot polishing.

ø Backing Padmm-in150 – 6″
ø Orbitmm-in21 – 13/16″
R.P.M.2000 – 4200
Weightkg-lbs2.6 – 5.73
Speed Control
Progressive TriggerNO
Spindle ThreadM8-F
Backing Pad Supplied981.321N
Electrical Cordm – ft9 – 29.6