The expanded resin RUPES BigFoot foam polishing pads are specially designed for the various movements found within the various BigFoot polishing systems. They produce excellent results with substantial time savings and reduced compound consumption which ultimately translates to overall reduced costs in labor and materials. The unique, and often intense, mechanical stresses created by the various polisher movements on the foam polishing pads require careful consideration in the pad design to prevent premature pad failure and maximize tool performance. Each foam pad has been meticulously engineered to compliment a specific movement and tool using unique and innovative foam formulas, specifically designed profiles, and construction to ensure you BigFoot polisher performs at its absolute peak when paired with the corresponding RUPES BigFoot compound or polish.


Random Orbital Foam Pads


The large dimension of the cells dissipates any heat build-up, allowing the compounds to work at optimum levels and making the oscillating movement of the random orbital BigFoot systems is a perfect partner for this porous foam formula. The abrasive compound is not absorbed into the pad, but is consistently held at the work surface, providing a constant layer of lubricated abrasive between the surface and the foam polishing pad, as well as reducing pad saturation that could cause imbalance and vibration during use. RUPES D-A Coarse Compound is recommended.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.BF40H 30mm (1.25") / 40mm (1.5")
9.BF70H 50mm (2") / 70mm (3")
9.BF100H 80mm (3") / 100mm (4")
9.BF150H 130mm (5") / 150mm (6")
9.BF180H 150mm (6") / 180mm (7")


Random Orbital Foam Pads


The most versatile of the random orbital BigFoot pads, the yellow fine foam is designed first and foremost to maximize the color coordinated Keramik Fine Polishing Compound, but it can also be deployed with other compounds from the RUPES BigFoot range to acheive different results. Its fine cell structure produced from superior grade resins, the fine pad heightens the “gloss level” of the compounds while still offering excellent speed of correction when dealing with lighter defects. Use the Yellow Random Orbital Foam Pad with RUPES Quaz Medium Compound as a one-step solution on a wide variety of paint systems or use it with RUPES Diamond Ultra-Fine Polishing Compound to bring out an extremely high gloss on hard paint systems.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.BF40M 30mm (1.25") / 40mm (1.5")
9.BF70M 50mm (2") / 70mm (3")
9.BF100M 80mm (3") / 100mm (4")
9.BF150M 130mm (5") / 150mm (6")
9.BF180M 150mm (6") / 180mm (7")


Random Orbital Foam Pads


Manufactured from a high-density resin that results in a particularly soft consistency with a very fine cell structure, the RUPES BigFoot Random Orbital White Ultra-Fine foam pad adapts itself beautifully to convex surfaces and irregular shapes typically found on sports cars and vintage vehicles. Its unique soft density makes it ideal for attaining an ultragloss surface finish or removal of the finest of surface imperfections on difficult to finish paints. The use of RUPES Diamond Ultra-Fine polishing compound is recommended for a “show car” finish, but the pad is so fine it can also be deployed as a wax or glaze pad when applying a layer of protection.

Item Number Pad Back / Pad Face
9.BF40S 30mm (1.25") / 40mm (1.5")
9.BF70S 50mm (2") / 70mm (3")
9.BF100S 80mm (3") / 100mm (4")
9.BF150S 130mm (5") / 150mm (6")
9.BF180S 150mm (6") / 180mm (7")

iBird Nano

With 30mm Backing Plate


iBird Nano

With 50mm Backing Plate


LHR 75E Mini

LHR 75 Pneumatic Mini

LTA 75 Triple-Action Mini


LHR 15 Mark III

Compatible with all LHR15 Models

LHR 12E Duetto

LTA 125 Triple-Action Mini


LHR 21 Mark III

Compatible with all LHR 21 Models


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