C.O.R.E. Series Webinar: 15 vs. 21 and the Impact of Orbit ft. the Mark III BigFoot

Large stroke random orbital polishers have, in a short time, revolutionized the way technicians correct and finish surfaces. The BigFoot large orbit polishing technology pioneered by RUPES has forever changed the expectations for performance and capability in the polisher category, but many users don’t understand how orbit can impact cutting or finishing in both sanding and polishing operations. In this C.O.R.E. Series Webinar the RUPES Global training team, led by Jason Rose and Fabrizio Gagliardi, covers the various aspects of orbit, specific advantages and disadvantages, plus when to choose one orbit size over another. This webinar is a great learning opportunity for professionals in both the detailing and bodyshop industries, as well as hobbyists looking to gain a better understanding of random orbital movements or anyone seeking guidance on which tool is the right purchase for them.