Tech Tips with Todd

Todd Helme has become a fixture in the detailing industry thanks to his incredible talent as a detailer and insatiable quest to understand the technical aspects of automotive surface restoration and preservation.

After years as the owner/operator of a high end detailing business where he worked on some of the worlds most exclusive and rare vehicles, Todd transitioned to the supplier side of the business. As the Senior Technical Advisor for RUPES USA he travels North America and the Caribbean training technicians on processes ranging from paint polishing to panel preparation. His position as a technical authority has also granted him access to paint manufacturers, automotive factories, further equipping him with the technical knowledge to answer questions about polishing and sanding down to a molecular level.

Whether you’re interested in tips to make your process more efficient, looking to achieve better results, or you’re simply curious about an aspect of polishing or sanding our resident technical expert is the man to provide you with an answer. Best of all, if Todd answers your question in our weekly tech tips article you’ll receive a free gift from RUPES!

NOTE: If your question is urgent in nature or requires a response please head over to the CONTACT US page and submit your email there. Questions submitted to Tech Tips with Todd are answered in a weekly article and he may not get to your question immediately.