Where Are RUPES Products Made?

RUPES USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian based RUPES SpA. Our US headquarters serves as administrative offices, a training facility, as well as an additional manufacturing site. As of 2017 all LHR21 and LHR15 tools for the North American market, configured for 110v operation, are being manufactured in the RUPES USA facility. As of August 2018 the entire line of Skorpio III pneumatic palm sanders are being manufactured in our US facility for the North American market as well.  Tools for markets outside of North America and in other voltages continue to be manufactured in Italy.

In addition to all our durable products like electric tools, sanders, and vacuum systems RUPES manufactures our own foam pads, microfiber pads, and backing plates in Italy. Compounds and polishes are also developed, formulated, blended and packaged in-house at our facility in Milan, Italy.

RUPES takes great pride in manufacturing all the components of our systems and, to the best of our knowledge, is currently the only company in the industry which can make this claim.