What is the warranty coverage for RUPES products?

RUPES durable products (tools) are backed by a 12-month warranty against original manufacturing defects as long as they are purchased from an officially authorized RUPES distributor. Tools purchased from unauthorized parties may be denied for coverage under warranty. Always be sure to maintain a proof of purchase for your records.

If you need to find an authorized RUPES distributor in your area visit our distributor locator or if you need to schedule repair service for your tool please visit the repair page

Consumable items such as pads, compounds, and backing plates are warranted for no specific timeframe due to the variables of use and application that can drastically impact the lifespan and consumption of these products, however if you feel that the lifespan of a particular product did not meet your expectations under reasonable and appropriate use please let us know by emailing our customer service team via the contact us page