A community is more than just the place you live and work. It’s the people who make that place what it is, and in that spirit, this month RUPES USA has begun a tradition that we hope to continue for many years to come – The RUPES USA Day of Service. A day where our entire team, from executive management to warehouse and manufacturing, come together to do good for our community and the people in it.

For the inaugural day of service, our team selected Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, a volunteer-run nonprofit facility that provides services to people of all ages with cognitive disabilities, military veterans struggling with PTSD, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, at-risk youth, and so much more. The stunning 23-acre property is nestled in the foothills of Northern Colorado and uses horses to facilitate personal growth, self-respect, confidence, accountability, and conflict resolution. Their mission positively impacts the lives of many people in our Colorado community and we were honored to have the opportunity to give something back.

After a brief tour of the facility, our team wasted no time getting to work on various maintenance tasks around the facility. They moved rock, installed mulch, weeded and cleared riding trails, and eventually cleaned out and restored the floors of the horse stables.

At the end of our day, covered in sweat and dirt (at least we hoped it was dirt) everyone was filled with a sense of pride; both for themselves, for their colleagues, and the company. We witnessed, together, first-hand therapy sessions in the facility where children and seniors struggling with cognitive disabilities on horseback with smiles on their faces. We were able to witness how the therapists and volunteers worked so hard to change the lives of those people who needed it and we couldn’t help but all feel that our day of service will help them continue that mission in a small way. One thing is for sure; we’re looking forward to the next day of service and assisting another worthy cause with a little RUPES team spirit.

To learn more about Hearts & Horses Theraputic Riding Center, their mission, or how you can volunteer please visit them online at