Making a Show Car Show-Ready

The world of car shows is all about who has the cleanest car, the coolest modifications, or the most accurate restoration, but detailers know all too well the swirly nightmare that is most paint at a car show. Seems even the highest level paint jobs fall victim to wipe marks and other damage that dull the shine.

After a few years on the show circuit and winning prestigious awards like Tri-Five of the Year in 2017 Matt Martinez’s 1955 Chevy, known as Timeless, was showing those same signs. Knowing that his old ways weren’t cutting it anymore, but having seen BigFoot Systems in respected shops he turned to RUPES USA to get his award-winning custom back in competition shape.

Global Director of Training, Jason Rose, and US Marketing Manager, Dylan von Kleist, spent two days restoring the finish to an absolutely flawless level using a combination of RUPES tools, pads, and compounds plus their decades of high-level finishing experience.

The end results – Timeless went immediately to Dallas Autorama where it won multiple awards, including the 2019 ISCA Outstanding Custom and Fab 4 Finalist and continues to be shown and add more awards to the collection. It’s important to note that Matt’s next car will be black too…