The RUPES BigFoot D-A Coarse Polishing System is a high-performance collection of products designed for maximum efficiency. Starting with the fast cutting action of BigFoot D-A Coarse Compound, you can choose from one of the color-coded coarse polishing pad options to remove significant defects including scratches, wash marks, etching, and up to 1500 grit sanding marks* with ease. The body shop safe formula is perfect for all paint types, gelcoat, and more. It is ideal for technicians who want quick defect removal, a smooth user experience, low dusting, easy wipe-off, and a high-gloss finish from a single product. The BigFoot D-A Coarse system is optimized for incredible all-around performance on all dual-action random orbital and gear-driven orbital tools.


  • 1 Liter bottle D-A COARSE compound
  • 1 D-A COARSE foam polishing pad
  • 1 D-A COARSE wool polishing pad
  • 1 Premium Microfiber Cloth Blue


The RUPES BigFoot D-A Fine Polishing System is the result of extensive testing to develop a system of polishes and pads that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing capability. The incredible range of performance, from moderate correction to fine finishing, makes the D-A Fine Polishing System one of our most versatile solutions for orbital polishers. The proprietary fine compound, which is formulated and blended in-house by RUPES, as well as the included foam and wool polishing pads, are compatible with all orbital tool movements, both gear driven and random orbital.


  • 1 Liter bottle D-A FINE compound
  • 1 D-A FINE foam polishing pad
  • 1 D-A FINE wool polishing pad
  • 1 Premium Microfiber Cloth Yellow


The BigFoot UNO Pure Ultra-Fine Polishing System delivers the highest quality finishes on even the most difficult-to-finish surfaces. Developed, engineered, and manufactured by RUPES, UNO Pure uses the latest in abrasive technology to produce the highest possible optical clarity and reflectivity when used with the included RUPES D-A Ultra-Fine White Foam Pads. Use the UNO Pure Polishing System for very soft or haze-prone paints or as a final step in any polishing application where the goal is ultimate shine. The absence of fillers, ease-of-use, and easy wipe-off ensure the best possible user experience. UNO Pure is body shop safe.


  • 1 Liter bottle D-A ULTRA-FINE polish
  • 2 D-A ULTRA-FINE foam polishing pads
  • 1 Premium, dual-pile, Microfiber Cloth White


The D-A Trial Kits are compatible with any full-size orbital tool. This includes both random orbital tools and gear-driven orbital tools. Kits are available in configurations that include 150mm pads for tools like the LHR15 or LHR12E or 180mm for tools like the LHR21 or LK900E equipped with the larger backing plate. See the brochures for each kit for the specific part numbers and additional compatibility guidance.

There are two versions of each kit available, 150mm and 180mm. If you have an LHR21 or an LK900E Mille with the larger backing plate you’ll want the 180mm kit. Those part codes will have the measurement of 180mm as a segment of the part code (i.e. – 9.COARSE180KIT). If you have an LHR15, LHR12E, or run the smaller backing plate on your LK900E Mille you’ll want to select a kit with the 150mm part code (i.e. – 9.COARSE150KIT).

All kit boxes will also include tool compatibility information printed on the exterior and your authorized RUPES distributor can assist you with choosing the right option for use with your polisher.

In addition to the pads, compound, and towels each kit includes a FREE BigFoot Claw Pad Tool. It also will include inserts with QR code links to exclusive D-A Trail Kit Training videos and information about the products so when you’re ready to reorder you have everything you need.

At this time we only offer D-A Trial Kits for full-sized polishers like the LHR15 and LHR21. We may offer a similar kit for edgework tools like the LHR75E mini in the future, but nothing has been made official.

RUPES does not sell direct to the consumer, so for pricing or bundles please contact an authorized distributor. They’ll be able to help you with anything related to pricing or purchase information.

The D-A Systems are optimized to work with any orbital tool movement, so not only will they work with other brands of orbital tools, they may actually improve their performance, balance, and user experience.

No. The D-A (for dual action) Trial Kits are designed and optimized for use with orbital tools. The pad type of compound formulation is not well suited to the unique stresses created by rotary tools.

The D-A Trial Kits are available to all of our authorized distribution partners, but if your local options are not stocking them you can always find them with one of our preferred e-commerce partners.